Why Women Should Pursue Logistics As A Career

If anything at all that the human race has done right over the past few decades is the championing for women’s places in the working world.

“There has never been a better time in history to be born female,” as expressed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We have clapped and witnessed the victories and triumphs of successful women who have fought and lead fearlessly. We are seeing more and more women at the senators seats, receiving Noble Prize, commanding special army forces and taking on leadership roles in various business sectors. It’s undeniable that women today have the freedom and better chance of getting good education, securing jobs, running businesses and pursuing career goals compared to decades ago of which such pursuits by women were frowned upon. Yes, we have indeed come so far, however, there is still much to be done. There are still unexplored territories which only a few women dare to go.

According to Gartner’s report, the average percentage of women in supply chain is at 37%-38% which is still relatively lower compared to men and while women representation at all leadership levels in supply chain industry improved over the years, it’s percentage is still low.

Logistics and Supply Chain most likely (if not at all) doesn’t come to a woman’s mind immediately as a career choice as the sector has always been associated with heavy works requiring physical power and muscles – that’s a man’s job! Perhaps it once was, but with the introduction of technologies, automation, robotics and drones, that is no longer the case. The industry now needs critical-thinking, soft skills and brainpower, of which all are equally contributable by both men and women. As called out by the Chief executive of Tototheo Maritime (who is a woman), the industry is certainly in need of diversifying its gender equality and encouraging more women to join the workforce in order to move forward, closing the skill shortage and preventing on missing out on “good minds”.

Perhaps due to lack of female role models in the Logistics and Supply Chain world is also a part of the cause. And what few women we do have, they are not getting enough spotlight.

Women leaders are not being talked about enough.

The industry has housed strong and successful women leaders such as Catherine Morris, Chief Strategy Officer for Arrow Electronics, Inc. who has been listed as “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology”. Read her interview here as she shares her thoughts and career advice for women in Logistics and Supply Chain.

What most women fail to understand is that Logistics and Supply Chain is so much more than “lifting, packing and transporting” things. The industry spans across all and every sectors and businesses imaginable. From retail to healthcare, fashion, constructions, transports, finance, human resources, oil and gas and so on. There are countless and endless opportunities for women to explore.

Logistics and Supply Chain industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries at present, and it is expected to stay on in the years to come. So, put aside the stereotypical thoughts and seize the opportunities this industry has to offer.